Akon Manager Gunned Down Preventing Capone Robbery

Robert “Screw”

Montanez, road manager for R&B singer Akon was shot to death outside of a

New Jersey bar on Wednesday (December 15th), after preventing a man from robbing

rapper Capone of Capone-N-Noreaga of his jewelry.

Montanez was with

Akon and Capone at the Ringside Bar in Jersey City, New Jersey, taping a promotion

featuring Capone.

According to an

eye-witness account, Montanez, Capone and others gathered to take pictures in

the parking lot following a successful event. That’s where the trouble


“It was about

5 of us in front of the spot,” Rodini Almonacy, co-Publisher of Promo

Mag, told AllHipHop.com. “We were discussing putting Capone in the magazine.

This guy went through us and tugged on Capone’s chain. Capone said 'you

got one more time to touch my chain.' The guy was like 'what?' That’s

when Screw came in between them.”

Almonacy said a

fight broke out between Montanez and the man. After wrestling on the ground,

the man shot Montanez twice in the chest and then fired at the crowd.

Police had to disperse

the unruly crowd after Montanez was shot.

“He might

have been able to be saved, but people crowded around him. The worst part? The

ambulance took at least 30 minutes to get there,” Almonacy said.

Authorities are

looking at surveillance tapes from a number of cameras in the area, seeking

clues that will lead to the capture of the shooter.

Mario Costa, owner

of The Ringside, is offering a $20,000 reward to anyone that provides information

leading to the arrest of Montanez’ murderer.

Montanez served

time in prison from 1995-1998 for the murder of Jose “Joker” Martinez,

who was shot in Jersey City in 1995.

Numerous people

visited Montanez as he was clinging to life, including Fat Joe and Noreaga.


loved him," Montanez’ brother Louis told the Jersey Journal. "He

did his time and came home and he straightened out his life."


sad that someone had to lose their life unnecessarily, over something as petty

as a chain,” Almonacy added. ““He was really good people.

Not that anybody deservers to die, but he didn’t deserve to go. He had

some big moves on the horizon. The guy who shot him wasn’t threatened;

all he had to do was walk away. Not only did he try to take the chain, he shot

somebody. I think it was premeditated and they were scheming on Capone.”