Akon's Attorney Speaks On Concert Incident Involving Teen Being Tossed Off Stage

Almost a week after throwing a teenager off of a stage in Fishkill, New York, Senegalese R & B singer Akon has finally come forward to speak on the situation. The incident began when the teenage concert go-er threw what witnesses have claimed was a piece of a pretzel at Akon. After being pointed out by other concert attendee's the teenager was brought on stage and immediately thrown back into the audience by Akon. Akon and his attorney are confident that the incident was not criminal. "Given the information that we have reviewed to date, it does not appear to us that Akon was involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever," Akon's attorney Benjamin Brafman said in a statement. "We are prepared to fully cooperate with any law enforcement agency that may be investigating this incident." The teenager has recently come forward to police and it seems as if charges against Akon are likely. "We are confident that after a thorough investigation it will be apparent that no criminal prosecution of Akon is warranted," Brafman said. Akon also made headlines back in April when he was caught on tape simulating sex as he danced with an underage girl at a concert in Trinidad.