Akon’s Brother Fires Back at T-Pain’s Father

AllHipHop Staff

On Wednesday (March 25), T-Pain’s estranged father and former manager Shaheed Najm released a venomous tirade against Akon and his brother Bu, accusing the pair of using lies and deception to cause a rift with his superstar son.

Today the brothers are battling back against the explosive allegations, beginning with Najm’s claim of the pair unethically ending his management duties for his son.

“The allegations that were made by T Pain's father, Shaheed Najm, about my brother and I are absolutely not true,” stated Bu, brother of Akon and CEO of Akon’s Konvict Muzik, which currently has T-Pain, Akon, Kardinal Offishall, Lady Ga Ga, Red Café and others on the roster.

“We did not sell his son a dream nor did we take away his management duties,” Bu told AllHipHop.com. “It's been six years since we signed T-Pain, so why wait until now to make allegations like these?”

According to Najm, the pair made lavish and untrue promises to his son, which caused T-Pain to end his management services.

Countering this point, Bu argues fans and critics only have to look at T-Pain’s career today to decide whether promises weren’t kept.

“T Pain is doing great financially and has made huge strides and accomplishments in his musical career,” Bu explained. “If I was in your home six years ago selling your son a dream, I think it is safe to say the dream became a reality for your son. I don't know any new or existing artist that wouldn't want their career to sky rocket the way T Pain's career did.”

Although saddened to hear T-Pain’s current strained relationship with his father, Bu is focused on taking both Akon and T-Pain to greater heights.

“Right now it's Konvict and Nappy Boy season and we are focusing on our new artists Prynce, American Yard, Tay-Dizm, Travis McCoy and Sophia Fresh,” he stated. After reviewing all of the accusations made, it is clear to me that this is really a financial issue.”

At press time, T-Pain has yet to personally comment on his father’s accusations.