Al Sharpton Responds To Jay-Z's "Selfie" Lyrics About Him On 'The Breakfast Club'

The civil rights activist also addresses the Minister's March, Donald Trump, police brutality, and more.

(AllHipHop News) "Al Sharpton in the mirror taking selfies. How is him or Pill Cosby supposed to help me?" raps Jay-Z on his 4:44 track "Family Feud."

In June, Rev. Sharpton responded to the bars on Twitter, posting, "Tell Jay Z we still taking selfies... but I'm taking care of business down here too!"

The host of MSNBC's PoliticsNation stopped by The Breakfast Club, and he was questioned about Hov's lines directed at him.

"He shouldn't be jealous," joked Sharpton. "For me, at 62 years old, to show I can work out and [be] in shape, I mean come on. Jay-Z is what? Almost 50? He better get with it."

The civil rights activist continued, "I ain't mad at him. Jay-Z's had me in a few songs. Every time he does, that's cool. I'll slip him in a sermon or two, and we'll keep it even."

In addition, Sharpton discussed the upcoming Minister's March for Justice taking place on August 28th in Washington, DC.

The Breakfast Club interview also included conversations about Confederate memorials, Donald Trump, Charlottesville, Louis Farakhan, police brutality, the Central Park Five, and more.