Al Sharpton Speaks On Visiting Meek Mill In Prison

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"He's a symbol of the abuse of the system that will violate you over nothing."

(AllHipHop News) Rev. Al Sharpton visited imprisoned rapper Robert "Meek Mill" Williams on Monday. The longtime civil rights activist spoke to the media after meeting with Meek.

"I came because I feel that Meek represents thousands of people in Pennsylvania and tens of thousands around the country that have been victimized by abusive probationary and parole systems that give room for judges to act way beyond what is necessary, what is palpable, and in my judgement, what is ethical," said Sharpton.

Meek was sentenced to 2-4 years in state prison for probation violations. The Philadelphia emcee's legal team has accused Judge Genece Brinkley of acting inappropriate in the case.

According to reports, Brinkley is under FBI investigation for possible "extortionate demand." Undercover agents allegedly began monitoring Meek's court proceedings in April 2016.

"If you can do this to a successful artist like Meek Mill, you can do this to many around the country. That is why I wanted to come and say that he is representative of something far more than his stardom," added Sharpton. "He's a symbol of the abuse of the system that will violate you over nothing and end up ruining the potential and ability to move forward in life."

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Meek should not be the symbol...listen to his lyrics he never rap conscious...all about his crew and money...Al wants JZ donation to his organization lol




The weak meek one is AN EXAMPLE of Ignorance, Arrogance & Foolishness! You had multiple cases, ON Probation, but STUCK on doing dumb sh*t with dumb people around you...what'd you EXPECT! Some idiots act like he was a 'perfect citizen' or never did stupid stuff....the weak meek RAT is NO HERO & deserves to do the punishment, for doping the Crimes & Violating his 'second & third chances'! He's the 'L' KING, this just ANOTHER of them....................