Alabama Rapper Gunnz Links With Czar Entertainment and Don P

Emerging Alabama rapper Gunnz has quickly emerged as a premier artist in the area with a blossoming, catchy song and a high-powered management team in Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond’s Czar Entertainment and Jeremy Geffen.

Gunnz’s tune “Janky” has garnered significant radio airplay in markets like Birmingham, Miami, Memphis, Chicago, Los Angeles and other key regions. Now, the 20-year-old lyricist plans to release his debut I Sold Myself, an album that will feature Don P & Trillville, TrillTown Mafia and production from The Track Boyz.

“That title comes from me having to get off my a** and do what it takes to make it and saying f**k what the ‘janky’ people think of myself or [the constraints of] me being from Alabama,” Gunnz told “A lot of people were scared to give Alabama a chance and by far it didn’t come easy. I had to sell myself.”

Mark "Tarboy" Williams of the production team The Track Boyz said he was moved by Gunnz persistence

“The main reason why I became involved with Gunnz was because of his ambition. Him being from Alabama and hustling to make things happen the way he did is truly remarkable,” the St. Louis-based producer said of his dealings with the rapper after an introduction from Don P of Trillville. The production team has produced for the likes of J-Kwon, Nelly, D12, YoungBloodz and others like R&B group 112, whiles Gunnz has opened shows for Baby and Cash Money, Lil’ Jon and the Ying Yang Twins.

“To be able to be apart of an upcoming movement outside of my own region is something that I am very thankful for,” Williams said.

While he comes from uncharted Hip-Hop waters, Gunnz is convinced he can change the perception of the Southern state.

“I am going to show the entire world a new sound and introduce a new culture – Alabama,” he said. “We got next.”

Gunnz said he expects the album to drop in the fall 2006 release date, but also stated his team was fielding several offers from major labels.

In related news, The Track Boyz recently inked a deal with Atlantic Records with Shorty Da Kid, a 16-year-old St. Louis radio personality.