Alador & Smith: Blinding Haters In Style

AllHipHop Staff

Alador & Smith was founded by two New York natives, Pascal Alouidor and Derek Smith.

Within months after debuting the collection at Las Vegas' MAGIC trade show in 2006, it was featured in XXL, Entertainment Weekly, and Source magazine among others.

The collection has a gritty street feel,

with clever messages like "Fix your Face" and "Blind to you Haters"

captured in artistic graphics. Here are some images to help you familiarize yourself with the brand.

Alador & Smith

Kid Cudi, Trey Songz and Tyrese are just a few hot celebs who have been spotted in Alador & Smith.

Trey Songz in Alador & Smith

Make a statement with Alador & Smith - available now on

Reality Bites by Alador & Smith

Blind To You Haters by Alador & Smith

Fix Your Face by Alador & Smith

Hot Sex Tee by Alador & Smith