Album Review: Unwrapped Volume 5 - The Collipark Cafe Sessions

The Hidden Beach Unwrapped series is more than creativity at its finest – it's a symphonic blend of some of Hip-Hop’s most well-known tracks fused together with the best in smooth jazz.For some, the blend of Hip-Hop with jazz has been long awaited, and who else to present it than the home of Jill Scott? Hidden Beach Records introduces the 5th installment of the Unwrapped series. "Unwrapped – The Collipark Café Sessions," features the jazz infused renditions of some of today's biggest anthems. “Get Low” wasn't exactly the picture perfect welcome into a jazzy Hip-Hop infused album, so the labels “catchy and unique” would be an overstatement. “Aye Bay Bay,” “Sensual Seduction” and “Crank Dat,” have now been seen in a new light. The sultry saxophones and guitars over a general melody capture the essence of complete calmness and take away the strip club bass drops, but still manage to incorporate the initial chorus that make you bounce. Something about removing Ludacris on “Splash Waterfalls” makes that track a complete miss, but who’s to judge? The strong sax at times creates more drama than melancholy, but as a whole, the musical marriage was pure genius. Kudos to Hidden Beach for not copying the Ying Yang Twins "Haaaaaaaaa!" on the chorus of the borrowed track, “Salt Shaker” – it’s appreciated. Not an immediate purchase, but definitely a stocking stuffer for the over 40 age bracket or those who wish to keep all thoughts to a minimum, it serves its purpose. The Collipark Cafe Sessions gets the job done for Neo-Pop mood music.