Alchemist Becomes Eminem’s New DJ

Eminem has a new DJ and Green Lanterns replacement is a familiar face to Hip-Hop.

The Alchemist, normally affiliated with Mobb Deep, has accepted a position with Em as his new in-house spin doctor.

Al told, “Basically, we are under the same management. My brother Neal [Maman] and Paul [Paul Rosenburg, Shady Records/Goliath Artists executive] stepped up and they came up with the idea. They approached him and then they approached me and asked me if I was with it. And I said, ‘Yeah.’”

DJ Green Lantern, Eminem’s former DJ, voluntarily left Shady Records after a conversation with 50 Cent adversary Jadakiss was unknowingly taped in a conversation about the pair’s beef.

Alchemist didn’t even have to audition for the lyrical Detroit piston and Alchemist stated that he’s been on the 1’s and 2’s with Mobb Deep. “For the last four years now, I’ve been doing the Mobb Deep tours,” he explained. “I’ve been holding it down. And before that I came up with Muggs and Cypress [Hill]. I have a good background in rocking the show.”

The DJ, who released 1st Infantry (Koch) last year, certainly sees advantage in being party to heavy-hitters like Eminem, G-Unit and others, but he said he was keeping it all in perspective.

“Right now, I am just dealing with the situation of being Eminem’s DJ and, of course I am always going to be doing beats. I’m not just going to be a DJ,” he said. “I would love to [do beats for Eminem], that would be great. I definitely look forward to that. His shit is incredible. I’m sure we have a mutual respect as far as music [is concerned]. If the opportunity ever arises, I’m sure we would make some incredible music. But, right now the issue at hand is to handle the tour and be Em’s DJ.”

“This is like a blessing and I am taking it as it comes,” he concluded. “As creative people, we are always moved by other creative people.”

The Anger Management Tour starts in July 2005.

Winding up, he said that he’s still working with Mobb Deep on new music. “I don’t want to plug anything yet but, we’ve been leaking songs out a little but. Being that they are between deals right now, we’re keeping the music coming. We’re leaking joints for the fans to let them know, we got this.”