Alfamega: Y’all Ain’t Gonna Do S**t!

AllHipHop Staff

"Do you have something to say to Alfamega?"

I have written about snitching a few times in my day. Remember “21 Questions for Cam’ron” and “To Snitch or Not To Snitch,” from a few years ago?

Everybody is talking about Alfamega now!

For those living in a dungeon, somehow unearthed ancient court documents suggesting that the “Grand Hustle Muscle” received a shorter sentence for serving as a Drug Enforcement Administration informant and government witness in a high profile case against a drug dealer.

Now, that that’s out, I am interested in knowing what “The Streets” or Street-Hop plans to do about it.

Hmmmmmm…let me answer that…..NOTHING!

Lets just get this one thing clear.

People can talk and talk and talk and talk…and talk. But, when its all said and done, nobody out there is principled enough to do anything to Alfamega about his “snitching.” I’ve made it clear that I am not “that dude” that abides by the rules of the streets. I don’t commit crimes and don’t really run with those that do. So, I steer clear of trouble these days so I am never put in a “snitchy” situation. That’s me. But a lot of you feel like, “punishment is death” if you even walk into a courtroom.

As for you tough talking typers and talkers, what are YOU going to do about Mr. Mega, since he did such a horrific act? I mean, the comments are so aggressive.

Here are some of the remarks seen online:

“where's my glove so i can off this snitch”

“rappers got ho-like qualities. Half these rappers is snitches”

“i like him but a snitch is a snitch.”

“I was feeling the music I heard from him too. Turns out he the FEDS bitch. Alfamega is a street nigga and he got skills but I can't fuck with him no more.”

“Grand Hustle is full of snitches, first T.I. now this clown...fake thug no love you get the slug CB4 Gusto.”

As for me, I propose this:

If you walk up to Alfamega, with no cops around you and video tape yourself calling him a snitch to his face; I’ll give you a large sum of money. This is the catch…you can’t snitch.

Ahh…that just made myself laugh.

The purpose for this post is, most people are enamored by what they believe to be a “code.” These days, most people don’t live by such code and aren’t truly interested in enforcing it either. Obviously, they can sit on the sidelines and throw eggs from behind a large tree and run away…but they aren’t really going to do anything. For all intent and purposes, there are innumerable people that should have been banished from Hip-Hop for these so-called violations.

This sort of reminds me of The Game when he was on that dating show and everybody was calling him fake. It made me think. Yes, he did some things in the past. But the man before you now is something other than what you all saw then. These days, he'll knock you the f**k out!

As far as I am concerned, Alfamega is the real deal. Here is a dose of truth:

Here is the second part of this posting. Be wary of media that has no real interest in your community. I am not saying that Alfamega is a shining role model or that he didn’t testify for a lighter sentence, but there is something to be said about a 10-plus year old matter suddenly popping up at this time. It just smells strange, almost as if somebody is trying to further destroy/de-mystify/erode Hip-Hop’s street foundation. I could be wrong and that’s certainly a different editorial.

Lastly, I am most interested in knowing what T.I. plans to do with Alfamega since he’s the head of the Grand Hustle label and has his own Street PR issues to contend with.

As for the rest of you, you’ll do nothing but cower under Alfamega’s mountainous shadow.

Most of you are not built like that and seek haven in the safety of your PC.

Here is some Alfamega to jam to as you type!

Alfamega Ft Rick Ross,Bun-B & T.I – “Uh Huh (Remix)”

Alfamega – “My Window”

TI – “Hurt” (Ft. Alfamega and Busta Rhymes)

Alfamega Feat Busta Rhymes – “Head Banger”

Alfamega – “If I Die Tonight”