Ali, Big Gipp Working On New Album 'Kinfolk'

Founding Goodie Mob member

Big Gipp has formed a group with St. Lunatics Member Ali and the two are preparing

an album for Nelly’s Derrty Entertainment this spring.

After constant

run-ins at awards shows and recording their first song together, the duo decided

to work on an album, titled Kinfolk, as Gipp and Ali.

Ali, president

of Derrty Entertainment, said the concept of the album was to approach songs

in a fun, humorous manner, rather than tackle serious issues.


a real ghetto feel to it, like, strip club type songs. We didn't really go too

deep on anything, no controversial subjects," Ali told "The

direction of making the album was, let's just have a good time, let's just say

exactly what we feel."

Gipp, a member

of the Atlanta-based Dungeon Family including OutKast, described the collaborative

effort as a new beginning for himself and Ali.


people can expect is a mix of the Midwest and the southern, and how close we

are, the way we came up, the things we listen to, and how similar we are in

sound," Gipp told "Because of each of our backgrounds,

I think that we come from two very distinctive groups of MCs, so I think the

message is one that's gonna be real fresh to the ear."

Guest appearances

on Kinfolk include Murphy, Kyjuan and Nelly of the St. Lunatics, OutKast

half Big Boi, Young Buck, Three Six Mafia and Jacki-O.

The album is being

recorded in St. Louis, California and Atlanta. The two are still members of

their respective groups and both groups are working on new material.

“This album aint nothing

but singles and hits,” Gipp continued. “People are going to be able

to let this ride front to the back.”

Ali agreed, saying “The

atmosphere is so good, you know what I am saying? We are brothers from another

mother and we are taking it from STL to ATL. Things are really good for the

mid-west and the south right now.”

The album is expected this

spring on Derrty Entertainment/Universal.