Ali Vegas Suggests Nas Had Him Blackballed From The Industry (VIDEO)

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)


(AllHipHop News) At one point around the turn of the century, Ali Vegas was a top buzzing young talent from New York City.

After failing to release an album at the time, the Queens rhymer never achieved mainstream success.

Vegas sat down with DoggieDiamondsTV to talk about why he feels he was blocked by others in the industry from moving forward.

"My talent, it was so revered and I mean it still is. When you're revered, you're also feared and the people that was in power was fearful," said Vegas.

He added, "[DJ] Clue takes a lot of the blame for it... No Clue is just the face of blackballing Ali Vegas. He ain't got the power to do it."

Vegas then began telling a story of how Dr. Dre supposedly suggested he, Ali, and Eminem perform together at the American Music Awards.

According to the "Theme of N.Y." creator, the performance idea was nixed because Nas supposedly had a problem with Ali's rise.

"I guess he really felt like I was trying to replace him. Or even if it was something deeper where Trackmasters promised him something," said Vegas.

The conversation also included Ali saying he planned to do a collaboration with Nas and Rakim for the unreleased Generation Gap album.

Apparently, the track never materialized because Vegas claims Nas kept raising his feature price for a verse.

Ali Vegas and Nas were both connected to Trackmasters Entertainment and Columbia Records during a time in their careers.