Alicia Keys Comments On Lil Mama And Kanye West

AllHipHop Staff

Alicia Keys doesn't really want to address the incident with Lil Mama at the VMA's but the singer gave an interview and briefly spoke on the matter.

Lil Mama jumped on stage during the show finale with Jay-Z.

The young rapper said that she was consumed with pride as Jay and Keys performed "Empire State of Mind," a New York City anthem.

"I can appreciate her overwhelmed and inspired, but we would have preferred her doing it from her seat," Keys said on the Today Show Wednesday morning (September 16).

Keys also offered a very general commentary on Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.

"Obviously, he knows that that wasn't probably in best taste - in retrospect - and I think that he realizes that wasn't quite the right thing to do. So, I'm sure that he is apologetic and he already has apologized. It was a little strange."

Alicia Keys has a new single called "Doesn't Mean Anything" and an album slated for a November release.