All Access DVD To Spinoff On TV; Features Young Dro, Lupe, Rick Ross

All Access DVD

has partnered with Starz In Black to produce 12 original episodes of All Access

TV, a monthly television show that premiered two weeks ago.The

joint venture calls for Starz to air 12 episodes once a month as a part of the

network's In Black Original series production.The

first episode, which has been featured in reruns, follows Young Dro on the road

as he promotes his debut album Best Thang Smokin'. The

show also includes segments with Lupe Fiasco and Rick Ross."We're

trying to take what we do on the street level, but increase our production value,"

All Access DVD founder James "Kraze" Billings told

"It's not totally different than what we do on All Access, but as far as

bringing it to TV for the masses to see, that's the triumph--to make that appealing

on a commercial level."It's still raw and gritty as far as environment, but

we have some things that's gonna make it compete with TV shows," he concluded.Kraze

and his popular DVD series gained notoriety primarily through outlandish interviews

with artist such as Joe Budden, who was paired with former model-girlfriend Gloria

Velez. Based

in part on the DVDs, Kraze envisions the program as "All Access meets 106

& Park.""There

will actually be videos," he explained. "It's different because the

artists are still in their element, but it's uncensored. Unlike BET and MTV, they

can really be themselves. With certain cable networks, they give you the polished

version. This is polished, but it still gives you the raw, in your face. It's

still gritty in terms of where we go, but the production competes with regular

television. You gonna be like, 'Oh s**t, they definitely stepped up their game.'"Next

for Kraze, who also struck a licensing deal with Starz and owns the show, is plans

for episode two. He recently confirmed Lloyd Banks and Young Buck as participants."I

think the format in particular will keep people interested," Kraze said.

"[For example], when Rick Ross says: 'All my life I've been hustling,' then

we cut to the video, then it will come back to him talking about how his life

changed. I'm proud of it, I think they'll respect the value of the production,

but we kept it real to what we do, which is rare."A

new All Access DVD is set drop in November. The

DVD will debut several new segments, including one on popular 'hoods and interviews

with Gillie Da Kid and Maino.