Alleged Killer Of Soulja Slim Avoids Third Murder Indictment


more than three years, the man accused of murdering rapper Soulja Slim has yet

to be indicted for the slaying.The

rapper's murder is one of three first-degree murder cases prosecutors have refused

to bring against Garelle Smith. The

25-year-old was arrested but never charged in the Nov. 26, 2003 murder of Soulja


originally said they dropped the murder charges against Smith because they were

strengthening their case against him. Smith

was already behind bars for a Dec. 2003 murder.Smith

avoided being charged a third time on Monday (Mar. 19) for the capital murder

of Mandell Duplessis. Duplessis, 24, was slain outside a FEMA trailer in Gentilly.The

evidence against Smith was far too thin to back up a capital murder charge, investigators

told The Times-Picayune.Soulja

Slim, born James Tapp, was shot three times in the face outside of his mothers

house, in what authorities described as a hit that Smith completed for $10,000.


weapon used in the killing, a .40-caliber Glock pistol, was later determined to

be a New Orleans Police Department-issued weapon, that was stolen from an officer's


addition to Soulja Slim, Smith was accused of killing 28-year-old Spencer Smith

Jr. on Dec. 11, 2003. Smith

has yet to stand trial for another murder in Orleans Parish.