Alleged Members Of G-Unit Wounded In Shootout In Queens

Detectives in New

York are probing whether or not a shooting last week in Queens, New York involving

alleged members of 50 Cent’s G-Unit crew, is connected to the rap industry.

The New York Daily News

reported that three men were shot in Jamaica, Queens on Thursday (May 19), as

they sat in a black Chevy Suburban outside of Club Adventura.

Jesse Brown, 21, was shot

three times – in the chest, left arm and buttocks – while Nicholas

Sloane, 21, was shot in the thigh.

A third man in the SUV,

Leroy Pressley, 24, rushed the wounded men to Jamaica Hospital. The two men

are in stable condition.

Pressley was apprehended

90 minutes after the shooting. Authorities, who had the men under surveillance

prior to the shooting, recovered thirteen 9MM shells from the scene.

Police also matched a glove

in Pressley’s pocket to one found at the scene of the shooting.

Reports said none

of the men are cooperating with authorities and as of press time, it was not

known who Pressely was trading fire with, despite the presence of police.