Alleged Victim's Dad: R. Kelly Should've Got Help With Definition Of Pedophile

Angelo Clary has some words for the "I Admit" singer.

(AllHipHop New) The fallout from R. Kelly dropping his 19-minute song "I Admit" is still ongoing. After his ex-wife Andrea Kelly and the #MuteRKelly movement came out against the singer again, the father of an alleged victim of R. Kelly is now addressing him too.

Angelo Clary's daughter Azriel Clary is one of the women that is supposedly part of R. Kelly's alleged sex cult. The elder Clary claims Azriel was just 17 when she met Kelly, a year younger than the legal age of consent in the state of Florida.

"What did he admit to? I'm still asking myself this question," Angelo expressed to TMZ. "Because you're saying, 'What the definition of a pedophile is?' You should've got help with that question... You're a pedophile if you get turned on by someone you know that's a child."

He continued, "My daughter was underage. So you wanna know the definition of pedophile? It's when you took advantage of my daughter in the state of Florida when she was 17."

R. Kelly has been facing pedophilia accusations since he secretly married a 15-year-old Aaliyah in 1994 when he was 27. The "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number" writer was later accused of videotaping himself engaging in sex with a 13-year-old girl. In 2008, Kelly was acquitted of child pornography charges.

That same year R. Kelly sat down for an interview for BET. Veteran journalist Toure asked the Grammy winner, “Do you like teenage girls?” Kelly's infamous response was: "When you say teenage, how old are we talking?"

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Money is a trip I saw the tape and that was him no doubt so the system let that girl down. If he would have paid the price with time in jail and not money then he would have got some act right instead of continuing