Alleged Victim Testifies Against Nicki Minaj's Brother In Child Rape Case

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The teenage girl gives her side of what Jelani Maraj allegedly did to her.

(AllHipHop News) Jelani Maraj, the brother of Nicki Minaj, is standing accused of repeatedly raping his stepdaughter. The girl testified in court about the alleged accounts of forced sodomy and intercourse by Maraj.

“He would call me his puppet and [say] I had no say in what he did to me,” the 13-year-old girl stated, according to Page Six.

The abuse apparently began in 2015 when Maraj rubbed his erect penis on the then 11-year-old girl and later escalated to daily rapes after school. She said the underage sex took place throughout their Long Island home.

She also testified that Maraj, now 38, informed her how to make anal sex less painful and he threatened to take her away from her mother if she told anyone about what was happening. The girl said her stepfather attempted to make her believe the alleged assaults were her fault because she was sending him signals. 

Daily Mail reports the girl told the Nassau County court she 'was on [her] forearms on the bed and [her] pants were pulled down' when her then eight-year-old brother walked in on Maraj allegedly sexually assaulting her.

The boy previously testified about witnessing his sister being raped by Maraj. He also claimed Maraj hit him in the face about 10 times after the boy admitted seeing the alleged sexual acts.

Maraj’s lawyer has claimed the children's mother, Jacqueline Robinson, instructed them to lie on the defendant for the purpose of extorting $25 million from music superstar Nicki Minaj. During her own time testifying, Robinson insisted she did not tell the kids to lie about the alleged abuse.

The case has also seen a forensics expert testifying that DNA found on the alleged victim's pajamas had less than 1 in 348 billion chance of being from anyone other than Jelani Maraj.

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