AllHipHop and Bun B at the DNC

Following Hillary's big speech at the convention Tuesday, we hit up your Boy Bun B, the OG emeritus of the South and got his opinion on both the election and politics in general.From there we decided we were going to hit the streets, and see what the general feeling was following the events at the convention.Event hustling is never easy because with so many people you have events that overlap but you want to get a look at everything. On the the road we met up with Bun and our homie Davey D and we went to the Glassbooth/Do Something party hosted by John Kerry and Moby. You'd think Kerry would be the last person you would attach to young and hip but the crowd was good looking. Finally. One thing about Democrats is that the booze willbe flowing. While there we hung out with the Obama girl, who is *gasp* dropping an album in an attempt to show the world that she has the talent to get it done. Hey all we know is that she's hot in person. I digress.Bun B is getting run up on by dozens of drunk young white guys, in particular one who just saw him in Dallas a few weeks ago. "Keep it Trill," says the the obviously plastered dude. Bun B is the mayor...until Chevy Chase arrives. The luckily we shrink to the background and enjoy open bar. Shout to the designated driver.As the party loses steam we get Nelly on the phone and he's got an event. Thank god for GPS. We get to the spot and there are limo's all over the place. Note : if you want to push the whole green initiative and all that, you can't have Hummer limos riding around getting 175 inches per gallon. Put $200 in the tank and get down the block to the gas station.When we go inside (shout to Nelly and the St. Lunatics) we had no issue with security but before Nelly's set there was country music and bluegrass playing. We gave each other a collective "wuuuhat?" look and were about to haul it, when Nelly got on. Good timing. Nelly and the 'tics were going their thing, but when you party hopping you have to get while the getting is good. Definite highlight of the evening was a Hill Harper hosted (say that 3x fast) TV One event . We were the last group they let in before they shut it down to the rest of the nobodies. We got in as Harper left. So much for that interview but we got him already so meh. Whodini was performing and you remember what a real stage show is. The place was packed to the brim, with all kinds of heels and dresses and suits singing word for word. We got there too late for the great Slick Rick and the legendary DJ Red Alert. "One Love," "Five Minutes of Funk," had people singing word for word. When they were done, the Diabolical One did a medley of hits. People still love Bizmarkie and nobody was too tight to do the "Biz Dance." Then he remixed his classic "Just A Friend," to an Obama themed joint that had the crowd in full rally mode. The vets tore the stage down and Whodini, flanked by Dr. Ice, Biz, and TJ Swan got a ton of love.

Then the night got really funny. You can tell they were not really used to dealing with the demographic. The head security guy promptly got on the mic and asked everyone to leave which the entire place proceeded to ignore. What he didn't know was that he could have played "Before I Let Go" and turned the lights on and everyone would have automatically bounced. Then there was only one exit so once the crowd stopped ignoring there was a door blockage. 20 minutes later we finally got out the building.********************************************************