AllHipHop At The Movies: "21 and Over" Star Justin Chon Talks Hip-Hop

This Friday, the writers of the Hangover series unveil their directorial debut for the movie 21 and Over starring Justin Chon. The party flick which will do well with college kids across the world shows the antics of an inebriated Jeff Chang, celebrating his 21st birthday the day before he has an interview for med school. If you are wondering how this is Hip-Hop, it would serve you well to know that the lead actor Justin Chon is the owner of several popular streetwear stores in California called Attic. Specializing Hip-Hop clothing at his stores Justin has developed his own ear for Hip-Hop as well, becoming a fan of some of the more "underground" groups in Hip-Hop today.

Take a look at our sit down with Justin Chon, relive your 20's this weekend and check out 21 and Over this Friday for few good laughs.

AllHipHop: So tell us a little bit about your character in this movie, you look like you get faded (laughs).

Justin Chon: I play a character named Jeff Chang and it's his 21st birthday and his two high school best friends come to get him drunk, but he has a medical school interview the next day and one beer turns in to absolute mayhem, it's a great party movie. Half the movie is me running around naked with a teddy bear strapped to my dick and me running around with a bra on (laughs).

AllHipHop: How is this movie Hip-Hop and how will Hip-Hop fans like this movie?

Justin Chon: I breakdance and I do some windmills, some flares, a robot on top of a car. I'm hip-hop too though, I own three stores called The Attic ( and we carry Crooks and Castles and The Hundreds, it's a shoe and clothing store.

AllHipHop: That's dope man, so what kind of Hip-Hop music do you like listening to?

Justin Chon: I like real Hip-Hop not the commercial bullsh*t. I like Grouchy and Eli, Hieroglyphics, Zion I, People Under the Stairs and Binary Star. That real Hip-Hop.

AllHipHop: How does it feel to be in this big of a movie and whats it like for you seeing the commercials and all the promotion that's going into making this a success?

Justin Chon: It's a trip and I've been acting for 11 years and I guess it kind of hasn't hit me yet because I've been in so many things that never saw the light of day or that didn't do well and it's just a trip. I was in Twilight, but it wasn't my movie and I was an ancillary character. It's a trip, the movie has to do well before it has any impact on my life, but right now I'm just taking it in stride and just enjoying it.