Endorses Kevin Powell For Congress (Brooklyn)

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“When you consider the intelligence and breadth of Kevin Powell’s writing and activism, you come to the conclusion that there may be no better spokesperson and representative for a generation that has too long been counted out.” —asha bandele

An interesting thing happens in America at start of every election period.

Candidates start making the rounds so that people can get to know them. They go around shaking hands and kissing babies. They pull out all the stops in order to solidify their base, woo those on the fence and perhaps bring the other side over to theirs.

I’d like to publicly express AllHipHop’s support of Kevin Powell for Congress in the 10th Congressional District of Brooklyn.

Kevin Powell is one of the most significant leaders of our generation. He’s not one of these politicians that we get to know a few months before the election, where many will say whatever necessary to get votes.

No, we have gotten to know Kevin Powell for many, many years. If you aren’t familiar with his past, let me help.

Kevin was a founding staff member at VIBE magazine, wrote the major cover stories on the late Tupac Shakur while there, including his last interview. He was the curator of the very first exhibit on Hip-Hop history at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and interestingly, helped spark the reality show craze as an original cast member on MTV's landmark program "The Real World” (New York). His reality didn’t stop there.

I grew up watching Kevin’s evolution with admiration, as I was a student activist and journalist. Kevin was a beaming example of the finer aspects of what Hip-Hop could achieve. Kevin is also an accomplished author with 10 books on his resume, including the revered “Open Letters to America.” He speaks can speak to corporations, colleges and communities all the same and remains one of the most prominent voices in America.

Now, that brings everybody up to date. Now, I want to stress what Kevin Powell the Congressman is about.


Ø Kevin Powell supports job creation and locally driven economic development focused on creating a sustainable community for all Brooklynites.

Ø Kevin Powell believes an educational system focused on preventing and curing cancer will not only cure cancer but will provide our children the math, science, and technology they need to join the new economy.

Ø Kevin Powell is committed to connecting Brooklynites, helping our community grow and ending the violence and corruption that have held us back for too long.


Ø Co-Founded Katrina on the Ground: a national community service initiative that sent over 700 college students to the Gulf Coast region to assist after Hurricane Katrina.

Ø serves as part of the United Nations' "Unite to End Violence against Women" campaign

Ø Kevin worked to secure the release of the wrongly held "Antigua Six" when elected officials ignored wrongly held young Brooklynites.

Ø Kevin is consistent voice to raise money and awareness for those suffering in Haiti as a result of the devastating earthquake through the "Help Haiti" initiative.

What I most admire about Kevin is his dedication to change. He’s never been perfect (none of us are), but still he’s dedicated his life to progressing. He’s a fighter and he never gave up on himself or his community. Now, he is giving back.

A product of Hip-Hop is that has been on the front lines for 25 years now steps into the political arena and we proudly back him in his bid for Congress.

We suggest you do too. Do it for our generation. Do it for the community of Brooklyn.

DONATE $5 to Kevin's campaign NOW at (click DONATE).


Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, CEO.