's 2003 Relaunch

Another relaunch.

You go ahead and browse around and see the new features. You are going to find that everything has changed and nothing has changed all at the same time. A lot of time and energy was invested in this new so I’ll just take a minute to say some thanks. The entire staff (or should I say the staff that contributes?), shout out to the Inner Circle (you know who you are), Ley, the AHH Army and the IC…ya’ll are the illest for real, illseed for coming back, Jean Grae for joining us. Big D.Frempong and Steve for their tireless dedication. We are all here for one reason – hip-hop. Let’s hoist it up and respect the roots.

With that, I am is going to share few thoughts that were going through my jumbled head before we blasted his new, stronger Just more babbling, but maybe there is something you can take from it.

Life is just a way to occupy your time before you pass away. I’m seeing some of you are really bored.

We are from a place where Jesus forces a smile.

Underground just doesn’t get the credit it deserves these days.

Heavy Metal is the new hip-hop: Can’t wait for Ice T’s Bodycount to return.

Jean Grae, Rise & Shine and Joe Budden are the future.

I am the walking Invictus: Master of my Fate, Captain of my Soul.

Pain is mental. Fatigue is a concept.

And Keith – thanks. It worked out even though it was a different type of working out.

The haters will be exposed this year and that hate’s going to consume them.

Erica wrote me on 1-11-01: I ain’t never gonna throw that letter away-one of the most inspirational letters ever written on a sheet of paper.

One Love to my dog Tim, Aunt Joan, my Pops, Aunt Machelle and all the rest of Life’s solders we lost along the way.

Speaking of soldiers: Can Jam Master Jay get some justice?

To D.B. and his boys: We’re having the last laugh so hard we’re crying.

All in all – there really isn’t much to say and if you know anything, you know why.