AllHipHop Covers Elliott Wilson CRWN With Future

Last night Atlanta media, music executives, and fans packed out the Plaza Theater to listen to Elliott Wilson's CRWN "A Conversation with Future". It was an entertaining and intimate interview where Future opened up about his journey, inspiration, collaborations, and work ethic.

Elliott opened up by saying he had heard "Move That Dope" 27 times on Atlanta radio in the last hour. Future stated that the most exciting thing about the record was bringing that sound back and having Pharrell jump on it and rap instead of sing. Elliott and Future moved on to discuss the meaning of Future's track with Kanye West "I Won" and Future explained that his relationship with Ciara works so well because they both understand the business and the schedule.

Future also reveals that he doesn't listen to any other rap to remain original and creative. Elliott asked him how he brought back auto tune after Jay Z killed it and Future replied "I wasn't listening to him, maybe if I was listening to his music I might not have done it." Future also talked about his work with the Dungeon Family, collaborations with Drake, Andre 3000 and more. Check out clips from CRWN below.