AllHipHop Loses A Writer

We are saddened to say one of our humble journalistic servants from is moving on to The Source Magazine. Jerry L. Barrow leaves us to move on to bigger, but not necessarily better things. The writer who has captivated you with his witty editorials and interviews finally bounces. You know his work but where did Jerry actually come from? Read on...

* 1997...first published music clip (not counting a Lords of The Underground review in his college magazine in 1993) Tracey Lee for Trace Magazine. Went on to write Boot Camp Clik feature for their first Black Girls Rule issue. Also did Onyx feature and Trackmasters (4 years before XXL with the same info) for the celebrated U.S. re-launch. Hit on several

half-dressed models at a party in an abandoned bank for second Black Girls Rule issue. Wrote for free cuz he liked nipple shots and models.

*Did a short bid as an intern at Beatdown Magazine in 1997 under this nut named Haji. Wrote Busta Rhymes, EPMD, Gang Starr and Cocoa Brovas features and a gang of album reviews. Plus reviewed LL's book, wrote a news story on MTV's Rakim tribute and an editorial on the Abner Louima incident. NOTE: He still has not been paid for any of it.

1997-1998 Worked as an HR assistant at a publishingrecruitment firm and learned just how little he would be making in a career in journalism. But the love kept him in the game. Left after a year to pursue a Masters of Publishing degree and start several novels that were never completed.

* America On Line and became a cyber addict. Work on the books slowed to a hault. Finally decided

he needed a real job while in school. Worked in advertising for a hot second where he had a brief conversation with the wife of the publisher of Feds. She asked to read his copy of Blaze in the cafeteria, skimmed it, and never spoke to him again.

*1999 Source calls. Asks him to do a Mic Check on this crazy white boy named Eminem. Sat around listening to the eager MC do South Park impersonations. This led to several more Mic Checks and a feature on Cam'ron. Got drunk on a harlem street corner with Killa and his crew. Laughed as Cam's mom tells him about his tapdance days at the Apollo theatre over the phone.

*Late '99 comes a calling. Half of Source magazine staff leaves to pursue riches and fame at HBO. Jerry follows and is appointed Assistant Music Producer/Editor. Has mad fun shouting out Dead Prez for preaching while drunk. Gets Common to admit a crush on Mary J. Blige and that he ghost writes for Will Smith. Puts Too Short in a hotel room with two naked strippers while he squirms uncomfortably in his seat. (The videotape of that interview mysteriously ends up missing.) Learns to DJ (a little) on his lunchbreak. Laughs at Drama for trying to freestyle to a Dr. Dre instrumental and coming up blank. Ironically, he meets fellow employee Jigsaw here, who secretly runs while on the company clock.

2000-2001 Two days after his birthday Jerry gets laid off from the Very angry. Severance is nice though. Becomes very good friends with Crispus Attucks (appears in a One World article with him a year later). Writes some really overpriced articles for UBO before they fold. Finishes school and gets married. Serves as personal manwhore to his wife while she clocks dollars at another Writes loud, obnoxious interviews of The Wutang Clan, Mystikal,

Mums The Schemer and LL Cool J for

Charges Volume double to freelance for them when they realize they have no content. Also waxes poetic by the word for Vibe, and (Field Mob is DOPE. F*ck what you heard!) Finishes first draft of novel. Meets a journalistic juggernaut named Adam Matthews who helps him get a gig collecting quotes for a Big Pun feature in XXL. Speaks to Pun's widow and is honored.

Finds an agent. Writes some more stuff for The Source while collecting unemployment. Gets checks on time (seriously). Does a really fly clip on a hottie named Res for One World Magazine. But it takes a year for the rest of the world to catch on.

Late 2001-2002 comes calling...conducts more loud, obnoxious interviews that he pilfers from his day job at Black Beat magazine. Highlights Nas' contradictions and gives De La Soul a chance to vent on backpackers. Begins work on Webster Hall hip-hop compilation with Sean Sharp. Screams on feeble A&Rs. Wishes Russell Simmons would give him a free pair of Phat Farm Classics to wear on his first day as Associate Music Editor at The Source.

Yeah, he be in it for the culcha'.