AllHipHop New Bits: Biggie's Mother Sues LAPD

Voletta Wallace, mother of Notorious B.I.G., is preparing to file the biggest wrongful death lawsuit in U.S. history. The lawsuit will name the LAPD and current police chief Bernard Parks. The lawsuit is based on radio transmissions linked to police around the Peterson's Auto Museum during the time that B.I.G. was murdered. "There is a murderer out there laughing at my family," Ms. Wallace said.

Kool Keith is preparing his first group album since his days as a member of Ultramagnetic MC's. The group, KHM, which stands for Keith, H and Mark (the three members of the group), will release their untitled album in July on Keith's Gamelock Records. In addition to KHM, Keith has 10 solo albums prepared, including new albums from characters he made famous: Black Elvis, Dr. Octagon and Matthew.

NYC indie hip-hop group Crimewave's single "Think Big," has hovered on the Billboard top 10 hot rap singles for over 4 months. The group recently completed a video for their next single, "Certified Killaz." Their LP, "ScriptureWon: The Beginning of" features production by Psycho Les, The Alchemist, Buckwild and The Smith Bros. The album hits stores today. For more info:

Recently, Dr. Dre announced that his new album, "Detox," will be a "hip-hop musical." Dre says the album will focus on a hit man, his family and how he earns a living. Dre also says "Detox" will be the last album in his career as a rapper. After appearing in "Training Day," and "The Wash," which he executive produced, he has no further plans as an actor either.