Gunmen Murder Team Eastside Group Member Eastside Snoop

Another member of the popular group has been targeted, shot and killed.

(AllHipHop News) A member of a popular hip hop group in Detroit was gunned down in the city last night.

Team Eastside group member, Eastside Snoop was shot at point-blank range, as he sat in a vehicle on Flanders Street.

The rapper, born Antonio Carter, 28, was hit four times and pronounced dead at the scene.

So far, police have no leads or suspects in Eastside Snoop's shooting death.

Back in February, another member of Team Eastside was shot and critically wounded in the city.

Eastside Peezy was shot multiple times during a robbery at a gas station, which the government said was executed by a rival gang, The 7 Mile Bloods.

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Messed up but he knew what he signed up for.



Just crazy. We have lost more rappers in the last few years than ever before.