Stefflon Don Talks Paying Homage To Lil Kim And Getting Blocked By Foxy Brown

"If any of these olders ever diss me, I'm never gonna diss them."

(AllHipHop News) British rapper Stefflon Don recently dropped her Secure mixtape. The project's artwork is an homage to Lil Kim's 2000 album The Notorious K.I.M. Beats 1's Julie Adenuga spoke to Stefflon about her love for the Queen Bee.

"When something is major to me, I don't try to find it. I let it find me. I was going through Instagram, and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is my cover. I love this. This is me,'" said Steff. "Lately, I've been listening a lot to Kim. I've just been rating her more and more. I feel like she doesn't get enough ratings. People are born in 2000, so they don't really know her."

According to Stefflon, her tribute to Kim upset another legendary female rapper. Foxy Brown apparently blocked the rising rhymer on Instagram.

"Auntie blocked me after... Auntie Foxy," stated the Quality Control Music representative. "Anyone who knows Foxy, knows exactly why she did that." Stefflon added, "I still respect my Auntie. She wanted to block me, it's cool. She doesn't want me to see her pictures, it's cool. I still love her."

Lil Kim and Foxy Brown have been rivals since the 1990s. Even though the two rapstresses apparently still have beef, Stefflon insists she will never disrespect either legend.

"If any of these olders ever diss me, I'm never gonna diss them," Steff declared. "Not with Foxy. Not with Kim. I said I'm never gonna do that. I respect what they've done in music so much that you can have that."

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