Post Malone's Jet Lands Safely After Tires Blow Out

Post Malone is back on the ground and will live to see another day.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Post Malone walked away unscathed, but probably a bit jarred after a harrowing incident involving his Gulfstream IV jet.

The rap star was leaving Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, when the tires on the jet blew out when taking off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey today.

Post and his 16 passengers were to Luton Airport in Luton, England, so the could perform at the Reading and Leeds Festival in England this weekend.

But the plane was diverted to an airport in Westfield, Massachusetts, where fans gathered hoping to greet the rapper's plane.

Shortly afterwards, the pilot was told to land at New York Stewart International Airport in Newburgh,, NY, where the plane came to a controlled landing.

At least nine fire trucks, two dozen personnel and 12 ambulances greeted Post and his passengers.

Debris from the blown out tires was strewn all over the runway from the plane.

So far, there were no injuries reported after the ordeal.