AllHipHop's Social Lounge Takes Off's first Social Lounge kicked off at S.O.B.'s in New York City last night.A panel of Hip-Hop industry professionals took part in a discussion of issues that are relevant to the Hip-Hop community.Early in the show, DJ Lazy K, CEO of the Murda Mamis, spun hit records that got the adrenalin pumping for the panelists.Rapper Cormega, Shady Records A&R Riggs Morales, Fat Man Scoop and poet/MTV2 VJ Amanda Diva engaged in heated, passionate conversations, moderated by radio personality Egypt and actor/poet, Mums of “Oz” fame.Mums and Egypt presided over the discussion that started slow, but quickly sped up in front of the crowd about 200 people.Cormega and Scoop immediately sparred when the subject of commercial radio was brought up. Cormega, who is independent, disagreed with Scoop's take that budding artists simply needed to come up with a hit record to obtain commercial radio airplay."You talk about it being backpack rap, but if that backpack is filled with money, it's gonna get played," Cormega quipped. While the views clashed, both men agreed that they have known and supported each other for a long time.When the subject of the upcoming presidential election was brought up, each panelist agreed - George Bush needs to be removed from office. Still, many in attendance – audience included – stated that on paper there are many commonalities between Bush and Democrat John Kerry.AllHipHop allowed those in attendance to register to vote on the spot at S.O.B.’s.Other matters during the evening included serious talk about the usage of “N-word” and a Q&A session from the inquisitive and opinionated audience.Many in the crowd challenged the panelist commitment to hip-hop and the community, which they all replied with their respective efforts outside of the music industry.The evening was capped off with a rousing performance by Brooklyn-bred rapper Stimuli spit accapella verses that spun into his song “Emotions.” Some began to file out of the nightclub, but the rapper’s performance actually made the majority of the crowd stop and take heed to his impressive display of lyricism.[Special Editor’s Note: Everybody at AllHipHop would like to thank EVERYBODY that made the first “Social Lounge” a huge success.]