AllHipHop's Woman Crush Wednesday: The One & Only, Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: Instagram

Queens MC, Nicki Minaj, has impacted the world with her creativity. Empowered by a compelling sense of style, organic artistry, and an ingrained business acumen, the New York lyricist has firmly establish herself in the worlds of music, fashion, and film. Her waxed perspective has been rewarded with platinum plaques, and she continues to remain one of Hip-Hop's prominent figures.

At times, the public is as enamored with her love life as it is with her lyricism -- either way -- the "Truffle Butter" wordsmith continues to thrive. After enjoying the photo gallery, there'll be no question as to why Nicki Minaj has been crowned as AllHipHop's, Woman Crush Wednesday.

What track best demonstrates Nicki's lyricism?