AllHipHop Week Act Four: Kids Block Party and Breeding Showcase/Rap Battle

Tuesday was a day that saw two events hit NYC as AllHipHop Week continues to roll on. Earlier in the day the Kids Block event went off, showing that the AllHipHop experience does not exclude anyone, especially children. Later on that night, probably one of the most anticipated events since the schedule was announced, The Breeding Ground Showcase and Rap Battle, went off with the high drama and fanfare an event like this deserves.The Kids Block event took place at Bank Street Headstart, laying the groundwork for building the next army of AllHipHoppers. This event was definitely a heavily appreciated aspect of the fun filled week, which up until this point had only seen fans that were above 4’0. This event saw guest appearances from the likes of Lil Mama, Wyclef, Uncle Majic: The Hip-Hop Magician, and the legendary Trackmasters. The highlight of this event was definitely the incorporation of nursery rhymes over some of the Trackmasters sickest beats. An enjoyable time was definitely had by all, adult and child alike.(Drum roll please). Upon stepping into the legendary SOB’s for the Showcase and Rap Battle, I couldn’t help but feel like I was coming home. It was hot inside, almost like you were standing on the surface of something that was about to explode. The heat (like the drama) built as the night went on. NewYork’s own Hip-Hop vet, Noreaga was in the building to host the showcase. AHH had the chance to catch up with such performers as Crime Mob, Jae Ellis, and Freeway just to name a few. While many had different opinions as to whether Hip-Hop needed a rebirth, they all felt privileged to be a part of such a historic event. By the time M.O.P went on, the building felt like it was about to explode in anticipation. Now I’m walking through the crowd, I pass Chamillionaire and give him dap. Even with the music blaring, you can hear whispers as the drama builds over the night’s participants in the rap battle. In one corner I hear whispers that Remy Ma may participate in the battle. In another corner I hear that she will not be participating, but the actual participants are Mistah FAB, Royce 5’9, and Joe Budden. I conference with my fellow AllHipHop family, and I hear the what turned out to be the news of the night, that Joe Budden’s brother had been shot the day before, leaving his appearance at the battle in doubt. Fat Man Scoop takes the stage, and introduces Remy “Shesus Christ” Ma. She demonstrates why she deserves her nickname with a vicious freestyle then blesses us with verses from "Ante Up" and "Lean Back." Yet sadly after this performance, she exits the stage and does not participate in the rap battle.Fat Man Scoop did his best to try to soothe a viciously eager crowd, after he announced to us that although Joe Budden had experienced some personal trauma, he was still on his way to SOB’s to take place in the battle. The minutes ticked away, and still Joe did not appear. Finally, it could not be put off any longer. The battle began. The contenders were Royce 5’9 and the Bay’s own Mistah FAB. After a long night which saw more twists and turns than a Lifetime Movie and a fierce battle, the outcome was finally revealed - Mistah FAB prevailed over Royce.I am exhausted, yet in the most exciting and pleasant way possible. Tuesday’s events saw the injection of two of the most important components of making history: a willingness to do so, and high drama.