AllHipHop Week Act One - AHH Week Kickoff Party aka The Rebirth

I’m in line. Yes, me and the Alternatives Editor, Kathy Iandoli are in line waiting for entrance to what would turn out to be one of the hottest events to hit NYC this year, the AllHipHop Week Kickoff Party dubbed “The Rebirth.” (Click here to see the invite) After the folks at AHH diligently worked at putting a list together for all in house attendees it could not have been more frustrating to see the f**kery that took place. People crowded the entrance and refused to move bringing the line for the guests and media list to a stand still. But just when you thought all hope had been lost, the men of the hour appeared – Jigsaw and Grouchy Greg. With their assistance we were ushered into the party through a separate entrance like royalty. As I surveyed the room inside, I saw the usual music industry suspects of NYC were in attendance, in addition to a virtual who’s who of entertainment. There was Andre Harrell, Wendy Williams, Terrence J and Rocsi from 106th and Park, Kevin Liles, and the hosts of the event Mr. Russell Simmons and P-Diddy…just to name a few. The building was so packed that at certain points it became hard to move. If there was one word to describe the event, it would simply be sexy. The women were hot, the spot pimpin’ and the alcohol was top shelf. Only top shelf alcohol for a top shelf event. As I stumbled around (I was drunk!) the VIP amidst my all Hip-Hop colleagues and entertainment industry muscle, I heard something that moved me. There over all the chatter and laughter, over the sounds of DJ Goldfinger spinning on the ones and twos, over the clinking of champagne glasses, I heard the loudest most important sound of all…the heartbeat of ALLHIPHOP. It’s going to be a memorable week. For additional information and RSVP pages on AllHipHop Week 2007, click here.