AllHipHop Week Act Two: BBQ and Art Show

My weekend with AllHipHop began with the BBQ, which took place at Manhattan’s trendy chill spot Slate this past Saturday. I am proud to report there was no line or guest list issues (at least for me) at this event. Although the event took place indoors, the main components of a good cookout were still present - good food, good liquor, and for me of course my AllHipHop family. Upon stepping into the venue, it could easily be noticed buzzing with activity, conversation, and anticipation.First to hit the AHH stage was New York’s own Emily King, who performed a stirring set. She was definitely well received, and you could see how happy she was to be in the building. Emily is such a class act, I was happy I got a chance to catch up with her a little after her set for some one-on-one time…'cause what can I say? The ladies love Kiko Michaels! Emily King: It was definitely good to be here. To be a part of such a special week of events!Next up to the AHH stage was none other than Mr. A Bay Bay himself, Hurricane Chris, who flew in from Portland to be with us. He blessed us with a performance of his hit song, plus his new single “Handclap," as well as a freestyle. Last but not least to hit the stage was the unbreakable Cassidy. After all he has been through these past couple of years, to see him in the building for AHH was nothing short of prolific.My weekend with AHH continued on Sunday with the Art Show, which took place at the Nubian Heritage Art Gallery. Walking through the gallery, it was amazing to see artist recreations of classic Hip-Hop album covers such as Lil Kim’s The Notorious KIM. Artists included Adult Entertainment Legend Heather Hunter, Joe Buck, and Charnier Corey just to name a few. Also Hip-Hop star power was in the mix with Fonsworth Bentley making his rounds at the gallery.To all who may have missed the events, hopefully the entries paint you a picture. After all, pictures are pieces of history. And history is what I witness each day, as AllHipHop Week rolls on.