Alternate Juror Says Puff's Not Guilty


Jurors deliberated for a second day in the trial of Sean Combs,

Shyne and Anthony "Wolf" Jones, an alternate Juror

who's gag order was lifted said she would have found Puffy

not guilty of the charges leveled at him.

Aurora Garcia-Susana,

37, stated that she felt the Jury would also reach the same


``I don't think

there was enough evidence to convict Mr. Combs,'' Garcia-Susana,

said after she and two of the other alternates were released

from Jury duty.

``I would have

voted not guilty, and I think he will be acquitted,'' Garcia-Susana

said. ``But his testimony, I don't think, was all that truthful.

Still, the prosecution did not prove its case. I don't think

he is guilty, but I don't think the whole truth was said.

He said he didn't know what was going on. How could he not

know what was going on? The argument took place in a small

area,'' she said.