Alternative News: Trey Songz' Lawyer Comments On R&B Singer's Recent Arrest

Trey Songz' lawyer released a statement regarding the Virginia R&B singer's riff with law officials at Clark Atlanta University.

Songz, born Tremain Neverson, was arrested April 6 by the Clark Atlanta Police Department on charges of obstruction of law enforcement and disorderly conduct.

The singer and his lawyer, Attorney Curtis L. Hubbard, Jr., deny the allegations.

"[Trey Songz] did not obstruct any law enforcement personnel, nor was his conduct in simply remaining seated in the vehicle disorderly or disruptive," Hubbard said of the incident.

At the time, Songz was riding in the passenger seat of a vehicle that was stopped for a traffic violation on Clark Atlanta's campus.

Witnesses say the singer was later arrested for not complying with the officer's request for him to step out of the vehicle.

That day, Songz' mother April Tucker released a statement professing her aggravation with the event.

"[Trey] is being held...for obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct for merely refusing to get out of the passenger seat of a car!" Tucker said. "I can't even fathom that these fraudulent charges will stand up in a court of law."

As a result of the altercation, Songz, whose debut album Gotta Make It was released last year, suffered several injuries.

"[The injuries] were non-life threatening, which he received treatment for at Grady Memorial Hospital," Hubbard explained. "Mr. Neverson [Songz] has faith in the criminal justice system and he is confident that the charges currently pending against him will be dismissed."

Songz was unable to directly comment due to the advisory of his legal team.

The allegations are being resolved in an Atlanta court.