#AlternativePick - Tee Flii "Act A Fool" (VIDEO)

What do you get when you mix the new ratchet sounds of South Central LA with a singer that sounds like The Dream or The Weeknd? The answer is Tee Flii and his new genre of music he calls "Flii & B" - not R&B. It works too, with posts across the net and California clubs going crazy, Tee Flii sits atop the ratchet movement of LA with Problem, YG and host of other artists that are quickly defining the "New California" movement of artists.

Not only can Tee Flii sing, but he also produces his own music and he can dance having learned moves alongside Chris Brown in the flick Stomp the Yard. It's only a matter of time before Tee Flii gets his deal, the only question is how much are the labels going to have to fork over the get this kid on the team?

As showcased on ANNIERUO'TAY I and II, its clear Tee Flii will be setting the standard for hooks and melodies on songs for a long time. Fans of his Flii & B style can look forward to features with YG, Nipsey Hussle, Badd Lucc, Problem, Skeme, Pooh Bear and many others on his ANNIERUO'TAY projects.

Until then take a look at his new video for the song "Act a Fool" below:

TeeFLii "Act A Fool"