Amaru Ent., UMG Hit With $10 Million Lawsuit Over Classic Hip-Hop Break 'Last Night'


Shakur's Amaru Entertainment and Universal Music Group have been hit with a lawsuit

by R&B/Jazz singer Esther Williams, who claims Tupac Shakur and Ghostface

Killah both separately used her music without permission.The

lawsuit, which was filed in Washington D.C. Federal Court, seeks $10 million dollars

in damages, claiming Shakur used her often-sampled single "Last Night Changed

It All" without permission on the song "Late Night," from Shakur's

2002 double album Better Dayz, which is the rapper's fourth posthumous


a separate incident also specified in the lawsuit, Williams claims Ghosface Killah

also illegally sampled her 1976 tune on a skit titled "Last Night Skit,"

which is contained on Ghost Face's critically acclaimed 2004 release, The Pretty

Toney Album.Williams,

a former Miss Black D.C., has worked with a number of artists, including Davey

Yarborough, Sir Roland Hanna, Bobby Felder and has opened for the likes of The

Temptations, Peaches and Herb. In

1998, Williams and her husband Davey Yarborough created the Washington Jazz Arts

Institute, a Washington D.C. based nonprofit organization dedicated to educating

and mentoring young and aspiring musicians.Williams

had no comment when contacted by, due to pending litigation.