Amber Rose Tells Karrueche Tran To Get Back With Chris Brown

Should Amber Rose Be Giving Advice?

Amber Rose is all sorts of things, but now she’s adding relationship counselor to the resume.

She has reportedly told Karrueche Tran to give Chris Brown another shot, according to Amber, 31, allegedly told 26-year-old Karrueche to get back with CB and simply follow her heart, even though the R&B star fathered a child outside of these relationship.

“Amber’s no stranger to this game and has given Karrueche lots of advice on dating industry dudes, most importantly telling her that Chris loves her with all his heart and if she feels the same way, to be with him,” a source said.

Amber reportedly leaned on her own experiences with Wiz Khalifa.

“Amber’s close to Chris and knows how much he adores Karrueche. She told Kae ‘nobody’s perfect. Everybody makes mistakes, but look at how this man is trying so hard to be with you. He’s calling out for help and trying to tell you he loves you. Let him love you — he’s a good dude at heart,'” the source continued.

Apparently, Amber and Karrueche have gotten extremely close in the last few years.

“Amber likes Karrueche and feels bonded to her because they’re both women who’ve been hurt badly by rappers. They have an interesting connection. Amber knows Karrueche is sensitive but Amber isn’t going to sugarcoat anything,” the source said, neglecting the fact that Chris is a singer.

Amber Rose recently reconciled with Wiz and the pair have agreed to co-parent their son “Bash.”