"American Dream Or American Knightmare?"

One of the most controversial figures in the

music industry, Suge Knight plans to release his autobiography "American

Dream or American Knightmare?"

Knight plans to squash all rumors by detailing

his relationship with Tupac Shakur in addition to the story of his life.

"I wasn't pumped to do a book, so many books

out speaking on me and Pac. There's a lot of question marks I need to put periods,"

Knight told MTV.

Knight also stated that his book will include

"some educational things for the kids."

Knight also vented his disappointment with Nas

for participating in last year's "Thug Mansion."

"I think it's real disrespectful to Pac,"

Knight said. "I could see Jay-Z doing what he did more than Nas on the

same song with Pac, because Nas and Pac is from two different worlds."

Knight went on to say if it were up to him "the

two MCs' vocals would have never been on the same track."

Apparently Knight did not feel the same towards

Jay-Z's sampling of Pac's "Me and

My Girlfriend."

Knight said that Shakur did not have a real disliking

for Jay-Z despite eferences made by Shakur on his Makaveli album.

Knight also dubbed "The Realest Killas"

which features Shakur, former Death Row artist Daz Dillinger and 50 cent as

"that bootleg stuff...you gotta look at the respect level of it."

Knight also plans on releasing a new Pac album

in collaboration with Pac's mother Afeni Shakur.