American Express Sues Nipsey Hussle Estate Over Unpaid Credit Card Bill

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

"The Decedent purchased goods and/or services in the amount of $46,930.67."

(AllHipHop News) Apparently, the late Ermias "Nipsey Hussle" Asghedom owes American Express money. A new report claims the credit card company is going after the deceased emcee's family to pay off a $47,000 bill.

Amex is not the first company to take legal action against the Asghedom Estate. Paramount Recording Group filed a creditor's claim on May in order to recover $32,000 from a 2012 judgment against Nip, but PRG reportedly withdrew its complaint three days later.

Nipsey Hussle was killed on March 31 after being gunned down outside The Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles. He was 33 years old. The Grammy-nominated artist was survived by two children, longtime partner Lauren London, mother Angelique Smith, father Dawit Asghedom, brother Samiel " Blacc Sam" Asghedom, and sister Samantha Smith.

Prior to his death, Nipsey released numerous music projects such as The Marathon, Crenshaw, and Victory Lap. He was also involved in several business ventures like The Marathon Clothing as well as The Marathon Agency with Karen Civil, Jorge Peniche, and Steve “Steve-O” Carless.

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Of course he owes creditors. Until his estate is probated no one gets paid. Just a way to keep his name in the news.