"American Gangster" Chaz Williams , Gives Foxy Update

Chaz Williams has moved forward in a positive manner since being

released from prison, but don’t expect weepy sentiments of regret from

the Black Hand CEO

“I am not remorseful or regretful about my history. I did what I

believed, I lived by it, paid for it, and I kept it moving,” he told

AllHipHop.com. “No one has followed every rule or law of nature or


to a perfection whether you embellished your job resume, lied on a job

application, broke a traffic law, or something more or less serious.Williams

served 15 years in a federal maximum-security prision after he was

convicted of robbing over 60 banks. After an early release in 1989 –

the result of scores of legal appeals - he turned to the music industry

to allow him to reinvent himself as a budding CEO.Now, his life before music will play out on BET’s “American Gangster” show, which will air tonight at 10 pm on the BET Network.“After

being locked up for any number of years, coming back out and getting

your life back on track with family or any business in any industry is

not easy. There are obstacles in every walk of life and you have to

have the determination and perseverance to overcome, knock down, or

outlast the block or blocker,” Williams explained. “Unfortunately, the

music industry is full of people who are afraid of people who they feel

they can't say no to, but I really feel that's a problem with their

manhood and not with the music game.”Hip-Hop music was a perfect segue into a different sort of hustle for Williams.One

of his early memorable releases was the soundtrack to a Donald Goines

book called “Black Gangster.” The soundtrack featured Jay-Z, Ja Rule, 50

Cent, DMX, Freddie Foxxx, DMX and other rising stars. After

being released, Williams also founded Black Hand Entertainment, a

company that now boasts artists like Foxy Brown, Grafh and Prinz.With Foxy, Williams said their team has petitioned for the rapper to be released early from prison. “Our

lawyers have filed an application for an early conditional discharge.

Foxy fits the criteria, we are waiting for the decision,” he said.When

he agreed to have his life told in “American Gangster,” Williams said

he hopes the viewer could take wisdom with them that would deter

them from making ill-advised decisions. “What I feel [about “American Gangster,” will be determined by results. What I mean is, I will feel good if some good comes out of this for those who view it,” he said. “Experience is the best teacher, and it's wiser to learn from the experience of others, especially in life changing or irreversible situations. I don't need to touch a hot plate, if I'm told it's hot by somebody who's already touched it.”In closing, Williams quipped, “Next season [of “American Gangster”], George Bush, the real American Gangster. Holla!”