American Tennis Star Vince Spadea Raps At Wimbledon

Outspoken American tennis player Vince Spadea currently has his eyes set on a Wimbledon title with doubles partner Vania King, but the 32-year-old pro hopes to earn another title as well - recorded rapper.

Spadea, who is the #5 American seed and # 64 in the world of Tennis, raps under the moniker "Vin Dawg" and has recorded a new track honoring the Wimbledon tennis event titled "Wimbledon Rap."

"I did not grow up in the ’hood," Spadea told UK newspaper The Sun. "I do not claim I have an urban influence. Sometimes I’ll rap to other players but I don’t ram it down their throats. I did a rap on Andy Roddick at the Olympics and I do stuff on a tennis channel in America."

On "Wimbledon Rap" Spadea rhymes: "Roger trying to an ace, crowds filled with pretty face/Hotties trying to give a hug and I'm giving them the shrug/Cause I'm the menace of tennis at the Oscars of service winners/It's time for Wimbledon, mingling in England, where's my friends, where's my pims, where's Tim Henman, royal attendance, where's Rich Branson, where's my mansions/"

The clever rap goes on to name check a number of popular tennis players, including Roger Federer, Anna Kournikova, Andre Agassi and others.

The self anointed "tennis rapper" will begin working on a new, untitled album in the near future.

"I want to do my best to achieve respect and do something I'm proud of," Spadea said. "I don't want to do something pop-ish. I don't want to sell out. I've had offers to do stuff in New York and, in a few weeks, I'll do some tracks to be downloaded off the Internet."

Spadea caused controversy in the world of tennis when he released his book Break Point: The Secret Diary of a Pro Tennis Player in 2006.

Break Point raised eye brows due to Spadea's graphic accounts about the competitive world of tennis, his rivals, personal battles and late night trysts.

Spadea and King will play Frantisek Cermak and Roberta Vinci(ITA) in the 1st round of the Wimbledon doubles tomorrow (July 2).