Amy Schumer and DJ Khaled Team Up To Raise Money On World AIDS Day

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop News) Comedian Amy Schumer and donated $50,000 to AIDS charity RED to fund a campaign with DJ Khaled, in honor of World AIDS Day.

Amy put up the cash, which will allow one lucky fan to win a jetski ride with DJ Khaled, all in support of a good cause.

Khaled is currently hosting the first ever “Snapathon” with (RED), where he will tell his fans what they need to know about HIV and AIDS, and what can be done to combat the spread of the incurable disease.

"I’m super excited to be supporting the (RED) SHOPATHON with something pretty wild,” DJ Khaled told in a statement. "To date, 35 million people have died of AIDS, and 37 million are living with the disease. It’s crazy when you know this, it costs just 30 cents a day for the life-saving meds that stop an HIV+ mom from passing the virus to her baby. And crazier still is that by 2020, we could see world where no baby is born with HIV. I’ve just become a father, so I’m really seeing the importance of this fight. But we won’t win the fight unless we get up, raise money, amp up the noise and fight this disease to the end."

Fans can go to and donate as litle as $10 to (RED), which was created by U2 frontman Bono and Bobby Shriver, to fight the global spread of HIV/AIDS.

Check out DJ Khaled’s special (RED) Snapchat filters for his fans to find in select locations in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, available only on World AIDS Day, which is today (December 1).

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is involved in the campaign as well, by matching all donations 10-1, with the possibility of raising up to $6 million.