Amy Winehouse Disrespects Kanye West Live at Glastonbury Festival

Yesterday June 28th at the UK Glastonbury Festival, singer Amy Winehouse took an unexpected shot at Kanye West.The Glastonbury Festival, whose founder Michael Eavis admits has been home to predominantly white guitar-based bands, sought to move away from that image this year by having rapper/mogul Jay-Z headline the event. This move drew mixed reactions, with many supporting the move and those such as Oasis’ Noel Gallagher deriding it.

During Winehouse’s set, the controversial singer addressed Kanye in the midst of performing “Some Unholy War.” Festival attendees are reporting she improvised the lyrics to state “At least I’m not opening for a cunt like Kanye.”

Winehouse and West have had no previous bad history, but there has been speculation that the line may be due to the bad publicity West garnered at another festival, the Tennessee-based Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. During that show West’s set was delayed for hours raising the ire of fans and media alike. West has since defended himself on his website with a passionate blog rant

Regarding Winehouse’s comment, West has already responded. Late last night the superstar posted a brief, lighthearted title-only blog stating “This Just In…Amy Winehouse Hates Me!!! Now I’ve Really Made It!!! LOL!!!!”

Winehouse and West have yet to comment further on the matter at press time.