An Open Letter To Minister Farrakhan

As Salaam Alaikum, (Peace be unto you) Minister Farrakhan. I pray to almighty God that you are and continue to be in the best of health. You are in my thoughts because we are soon approaching the 10 year anniversary of the historic Million Man March which was held on Oct 15th in Washington D.C. almost a decade ago.

The Million Man March, under your leadership and vision, was an overwhelming success. You have a legacy of service to black America that should always be commended and respected. Your contributions to improve the quality of life for African Americans, especially the poor and downtrodden who are voiceless, are well known through out the world.

Minister Farrakhan, in the spirit of brotherly love I am humbly suggesting that you consider postponing your current plans to hold a Millions More Movement March in Washington D.C. next month. Hurricane Katrina is the greatest natural disaster in U.S history. The majority of Americans who are affected by this crisis are black. Thousands of black people are currently missing and presumed dead because of Hurricane Katrina.

Minister Farrakhan, why not ask all those who have intentions of traveling to Washington D.C for your march travel to Louisiana instead, and have a Millions More Movement to help with recovery, repair, and lifesaving, efforts associated with Hurricane Katrina?

If your goal of having a million people flock to D.C. next month was reached, each participant would probably spend at least $500 dollars on travel, hotels, food and ground transportation. That is approximately at least half a billion dollars. The reality of the situation is that the majority of black people's money would go to white-owned companies.

Minister Farrakhan, your teacher and leader, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, always said Blacks must do for self. We all witnessed how President Bush and his administration turned their backs on poor Black men, women and children, and allowed thousands of them to die. We shouldn't think about going to D.C. while our people are dead; many of them floating in the streets of New Orleans.

Minister Farrakhan, I have left my home in Chicago. I'm currently volunteering in Louisana to assist our people. My father-in-law Imam Wallace D. Mohammad, the son of the Hon Elijah Muhammad, has instructed his community to help those who are in need, and this crisis is a top priority. I hope that you will realize that we need to all be in Louisiana Oct 16th helping to save lives, and not in D.C. for speeches.

Sincerely your brother in faith,

Imam Najee Ali

Executive Director Project Islamic HOPE