An Usher Sextape Is Being Shopped Around


Word has it that Usher has a sextape floating around.

In 2010, someone broke into Usher's car and stole a $1 million worth of jewelry, two video cameras and two laptops. It tuns out that one of the laptops had a sex tape featuring Ush and his then-wife Tameka Raymond.

Shortly after the theft, the thief tried to sell the tape to major adult film companies but none of them would negotiate knowing that Usher would never agree to it. In the past few days, it's being reported that someone has been trying to pitch the tape to blogs. Since the laptop is stolen property, the seller could face charges if the tape is posted online. The "Good Kisser" singer's lawyer Mark Geragos, who also represented Chris Brown, is currently trying to find the seller and take legal action.