Analog Brother Marc Live Drops Debut

Marc Live, member of the Analog Brothers with Kool Keith and Ice-T, has released his debut album, Validation: Episode Two - Attack of the Grunge on Junkadelic Records."It's just me breaking down where I've been and where I've gravitated to. It talks about my veteranism and me being in Hip-Hop for ten, twelve years," Marc Live told"I was in the Rap game when it was cassette demos and sitting outside a record company for three hours freestylin', ciphering, showcasing. Validation was when you get your stamp of approval and to me, it's getting your solo album."The album is Marc's first solo project while he also remains hard at work with SMG, Ice-T's group with Smoothe da Hustler and Trigga delete alerts Gambla.In the meantime, Marc has been producing a large portion of Kool Keith's current albums.Validation features guest production from Kutmasta Kurt, as well as expected appearances from Ice-T and Kool Keith. A most unusual guest appearance comes from 50 Cent."Back in the days, we were [both] managed by JMJ Management, Jam Master Jay. Onyx, Raw Breed, we were all in the same clique. So my producer had did a record with 50 Cent before he was large. He said, 'I want you to get on this record with him.' 50's verse was on there, I did my verse. I had the record done for the last three years. I always liked the record but I didn't really have a vehicle to put it out. So with the new record I said, 'Let's remix it,'[I] put a new beat on top of it, and I just put it out. I been making records since '92 before 50 was probably rapping. I would have used it even if he didn't blow up. I always liked the record anyway. I'm just glad he did [blow up]. We're all from the same camp, with Jay, and so, it's a cool thing."Some may remember Marc Live as part of the trio, Raw Breed. The group released two albums. The second, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, is still a conversation piece to Hip-Hop aficionados."I come from the old school of making records. The Onyx days and the Redman days, when every album had a theme," Marc continued. "Now, artists will throw ten songs on an album - one song with R. Kelly, one song with the Neptunes and that's a wrap. Back in the days, you had N.W.A - you felt like you was in Compton. Ice-T O.G. - you felt like you was in shackles with him. That's what I'm trying to bring back."After Raw Breed disbanded, Marc began touring was Ice-T as a hypeman, as well as touring with Kool Keith.By 1999, Marc's production and rhyme talents landed him into the Analog Brothers and SMG.He will be touring to support his debut album with Ice-T in Brazil and Europe this Summer.Validation: Episode Two - Attack of the Grunge is available now.