Anderson .Paak Explains The Origin Of “Yes Lawd!” Catchphrase

Mike Winslow


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Anderson .Paak explained the genesis of the "Yes Lawd!” catchphase, which has spawned a successful album for his group NXWorries with group member Knxwledge.

Anderson said the first time he used it was on NxWorries' debut 2015 EP Link Up & Suede on the song "Suede."

“It's church, you know. It's Gospel. It's like, right on. It's like, hello, how you doing? It's like good weed. It's like good p##sy,” Anderson .Paak told Power 106. “It's like good food. It's like good D, if you're into that. It just sums up, you know, everything, when you can't quite put it into a real intellectual way.

The catchy-ness of the saying spawned a full album titled Yes Lawd!, which was also NxWorries' full length debut.

“I grew up to a lot of Hip-Hop, and a lot of my favorite rappers had things that they did that let you know that they were going to be on the track,” Anderson .Paak continued. “I just remember in church, you know, deacons being like, they hear the preacher say something they like, and then, "Yes Lawd!"

Anderson .Paak is winding down a busy 2016. In addition to October’s Yes Lawd! album with NxWorries, he released his own critically-acclaimed release, Malibu, to start off 2016.

Anderson’s been touring relentlessly to support all of his projects and has done over 150 shows this year alone.

Anderson .Paak is also up for a Grammy for Best New Artist, while Malibu is up for Best Urban/Contemporary Album.