Anderson .Paak Launches Retro Drum Tutorial Series '.Paak 2 Basics'

Find out how you can learn to play a trap set like the Cali performer.

(AllHipHop News) Anderson .Paak earned critical acclaim for his musical efforts such as Venice, Malibu, and Yes Lawd! with Knxwledge. The Aftermath recording artist has now joined with bassist Kelsey Gonzalez to create new content in the visual space.

D’Addario Percussion presents the "edutainment" video series .Paak 2 Basics. The program is inspired by VHS-era drum instruction videos.

Over five episodes, .Paak will provide tips on drumming skills. The Grammy-nominated entertainer will also give a one-of-a-kind, stripped-down performance of Get Bigger from the Nx Worries album Yes Lawd!.

Anderson .Paak's .Paak 2 Basics premiered February 10 on the Promark Youtube channel. The first three episodes are titled "Layin it .Paak," "Build-A-Groove," and "Saucy Sixteenths."