Andre 3000’s Jimi Hendrix Movie Looks Bleak

Andre 3000’s upcoming biopic on rock legend Jimi Hendrix is at risk of being scrapped altogether, because the guitarist’s estate has forbid the directors from using music from his archives.

A probable hit, the movie was to chronicle the turbulent life of Hendrix up until his tragic death at 27 years old. The movie showed promise, because it was being directed by the Hughes Brothers, who crafted the urban classic “Menace To Society.”

Andre, a member of Outkast, is convinced that the movie will fail with out the authentic of Hendrix’s music.

He told Contact Music, "I've heard that Will Smith wanted to do it (the film) at one time, Laurence Fishburne; Eddie Murphy had wanted to do it in the beginning of his career. There's been a lot of scripts to try to make it happen, but nothing can go on. I can go and make a Hendrix film right now, but I could not use any Hendrix songs that he wrote in the film.”